How Can You Benefit From Penetration Testing Service Provider

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Security should be treated with a holistic approach, not the other way around. Companies only assess the security of their servers run the risk of being the target, client-side attacks are able to exploit vulnerabilities in software such as browsers.

A useful tip for you, ensure the patch management processes are working regularly and update the operating system and third-party applications. A penetration test is an effective way to make sure that successfully highly targeted client-side attacks against key members of your staff.

In addition, penetration testing company help company to test their cyber-defence capability. The company security team should be capable of detecting more than one attack and respond. Furthermore, an investigation should be initiated.

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Then, the top pen test companies should be blocked and had their tools removed. As the effectiveness of protection devices such as WAF, IPS can be tested during the test. Many attacks should be automatically detected then followed by automatically generate alerts. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Security Is the Firewall to Your Asset

All of this leads to the responsible personnel to act accordingly to the company internal procedures. Penetration test also allows the company to comply with regulations or security certification. PCI DSS companies Malaysia addresses companies to relevant systems performed by qualified penetration testers.

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Whereas ISO 27001 standard requires managers and system owners to perform regular security reviews and penetration tests, undertaken by the pentest company in Malaysia.

A single security breach may cause all the good public relationships and company reputation that is being built up after many years to shackle into nothing.

From the viewpoint of the public, a breach is equivalent to company cybercrime cases in Malaysia vulnerable to security issues. A proper test can create a strong wall for unauthorized attackers. Click here to check out the difference between the red team vs blue team.

More than that, cybersecurity training Malaysia help company to evaluate security investment, as it paints the picture of the current security posture and opportunity to identify potential breach point. It also gives the company an independent view of the effectiveness of the existing security processes.

If it is proved not good, action should be taken to ensure that the configuration management practices have been followed correctly. What needs to be improved and what is working versus what is not working. 

Different Types of Penetration Testing Available In The Market

First and foremost, there is a cask training course in Malaysia, it targets the assets of the company that is publicly available on the internet. For instance: the company main website, email and domain, servers and web application. The goal is to get accessibility to extract valuable data.

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Besides, there is also an internal test, which a tester with access to an application behind its firewall stimulates an attack by a malicious insider. A common starting scenario can be computer forensics Malaysia whose credentials were stolen due to a phishing attack.

Blind testing refers to tester given the name of the enterprise that’s being targeted which gives the digital forensic analysts in Malaysia of the company a real-time look into how an actual application assault would take place.

Further to the advanced stage, there is cox certification training Malaysia, in which the security personnel of the company has no prior knowledge of the planned simulated attack. Which is like the real world as they don’t get any prep time to shore up their defence before an attempted breach.

Forensic services Malaysia is where tester and security personnel work together and keep each other apprised of their movements. As it is a valuable training exercise that provides a security team with real-time feedback from a hacker’s point of view.

Guidelines: How To Define Your Corporate Gift Ideas To Impress People

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The trend of using the present marketing strategy is starting to emerge in business these days. There are a lot of companies will giving their corporate gift to their existing customer, supplier, employee, and so on. Some of the corporate gift ideas that presented even make a massive success in impressing the receiver.

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When people discuss the corporate gift, the first question that surely will come to their mind is, “Is this necessary to the company?” “Why this is so important?” This may be the most thoughtful question for most of the companies. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. 

All is depending on the policy and the company ethic. Some companies even finding the best corporate gift supplier in Malaysia to help them to make their own corporate gift with just a simple purpose that wants to impress their customer. Why do they want to do this? Is this so important for you or your business? No worry, this article will explain how to define your corporate gift ideas, and why this can benefit you and your business.

Form of Appreciation

The relationship between a company with its employee, customer, supplier is very essential in today’s business. Every business does need to show their gratitude to their customers no matter in what kind of way if you tend to bring your business into long-term sustain. 

The deliver of appreciation can be different; some companies use custom made corporate gift to impress their employee, customer and supplier. This action is especially important when you ten to keep a good newer relationship. 


Using personalise concept in making your corporate gift could be very essential for your company as well. Ask about the preference of your clients, and make the perfect personalised corporate gifts to your client. Turn all the creative ideas into reality through contact with a personalised gift company and using them to delight your customer.

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Aside from the customer, giving the corporate gift to your employees also very important. Try to find out more information about their preference, what their favourite brand of products, the colour they like and dislike, to help you deliver the appealing personalised branded gifts for them.


The investment in the display of your corporate gift is essential. Try to invest some excellent wrapping paper and material will be used to make the premium corporate gifts to your clients. 

To create a memorable impression for your clients, try to ask the premium corporate gift supplier helps you to put your handwritten card that content with your personal appreciate the message, and packed together with the gift.

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Do not look down on these little things, because they will make your business run in a more prolonged time, and it is an excellent way to pleasing the receiver.  Not to forget, before you make all these, be sure the message that you want to deliver to the supplier is enough and simple for their understanding. 

Rather than the message, the price also very important for you. Be sure to check and compare the available making price in the market offered by the supplier of premium gifts in Malaysia. Gather as much as possible the price information and the review of these suppliers.

Tips to Find the Perfect Event Venue

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Finding the right event venue in Kuala Lumpur can be challenging, even for the most well-seasoned event organisers. According to the recent report on the event planning industry, surveying nearly 500 professional event organisers, the majority of the event planner spend most of their budget on the event venue. Check out The Venue Malaysia to find out more.

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As the event venues are often come with a hefty price and its ability to dramatically impact the overall attendee experience, many organisers should brush up on a few basics to finding the right event space for rent in KL.

1. Understand Your Goals

Whether you are planning a tradeshow, a meetup or a conference, it is essential to begin a goal mind. Is this event is held to educate the attendees, provide them with fantastic networking experiences, introduces attendees to new service providers or activate the product? 

Thinking about the reason for your event will help you to choose the right function hall for rent that aligns with your overarching event goals. Make sure to always negotiate on the hall rental fees to save up some cost for your decorations.

The event itself should support the result that you want to achieve. If one of your goals is to increase the exposure for your sponsor, then choosing an event site in Kuala Lumpur that features a welcome area that could accommodate the sponsor booth would be a brilliant idea. The event space chosen should provide adequate visibility for your sponsors.

2. Review Existing Data

If you have used event planning software to organise other events, you should have an ample of data to help you in better understanding of what was successful and what was not. 

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For instance, you know that your attendees had a great networking experience, then the venue you had chosen previously might be good enough to use again. But, if the data shows that attendees were disengaged with each other, you should consider selecting a different teambuilding room for rent in KL. 

3. Create an Interior Design Plan

Steve Jobs once said that innovation and progress are sparked by the spaces that inspire and encourage collaboration. If the key to success for the event is audience participation, event organisers should be inspired in finding and creating spaces that spark creativity and interaction between attendees.


Lighting is one of the fundamental elements in interior design can make or break the mood of the event. Lighting can be deployed to help drive event networking or to focus attendees on a particular part of your event. Lighting can help highlight the critical elements of your event while supporting the theme and ambience.


When placing furniture, you need to consider how you want your guest to interact. For instance, if you are organising the private function venue in an outdoor space, the bar tables and chairs can encourage mingling. At the same time, small seating areas can stimulate more intimate conversations.

4. Accessibility

This may seem obvious, but the accessibility of the training room for rent in KL is the key to providing attendees with positive event experience. Your event attendees should focus on the content of the event, rather than having concern about getting to the destination. 

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Fortunately, there are several ways of how organisers could help the attendees access the event more easily. Once the attendees arrived, it is an excellent idea to ensure they can easily find their way around the venue. 

Thus, organisers should be more attentive in placing the signs to direct the attendees as they walk around the venue. Monitors are preferable to printed signs as they can easily be updated as the day’s agenda progresses. 

Vinyl Wrap Cars to Be Different From Others

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When vinyl wrap was first introduced, the purpose of the wrap on cars is basically to protect the car to get damaged from the sun and bad liquid from the road. Therefore, many individuals wrap cars to prevent those damages.

With the advance of technology, car film companies are able to add colours and different texture on it such matte, glossy, metallic and all colour from the colour spectrum.

That being said, any individual is able to get creative and design the car to stand out from others. Many celebrities out there enjoy wrappings cars is to let the supporters and fans to the arrival of the celebrity in a particular area.

window tinting perth

When vinyl wrap was first introduced, the purpose of the wrap on cars is basically to protect the car to get damaged from the sun and bad liquid from the road.

Therefore, many individuals wrap cars to prevent those damages. With the advance of technology, car film companies are able to add colours and different texture on it such matte, glossy, metallic and all colour from the colour spectrum.

That being said, any individual is able to get creative and design the car to stand out from others. Many celebrities out there enjoy wrappings cars is to let the supporters and fans to the arrival of the celebrity in a particular area.

Recently, many car wrap companies have introduced a new vinyl which called as self-healing. The self-healing function is when the vinyl gets scratched from stones are sharp objects it will automatically heal itself when there is heat.

The technology is called 3m vinyl wrap which an individual needs to park the car under the sun if he or her car vinyl gets scratched. However, the vinyl is thick enough that the paint of the car would not get any scratches.  

The Best Car Wrap Company in Town

When it comes to wrapping cars an individual needs to take consideration to which car wrap company to send in the car for a wrap.

That is because this goes the same when an individual wants the phone screen protector to be a wrap on the phone because if there is a bubble and the screen protector is not placed properly, it might cause small particles to leave stains on the screen.

There are many good car wraps in Perth that is trustable and reliable as the workmanship is excellent. These workers are well trained and experience in the job in which the wrap is placed nicely on the car. Call us today to get to know more about our services.

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Heat Reduction in the Cabin

Countries that have super-hot weather throughout the year tend to apply window film on the car to reduce the heat from the sun. When the tint is applied to the car, the tint is able to distract light and heat from entering the cabin.

However, there is some individual who applies window tinting is also the purpose of making the car look better. When the windows have a darker tint to it the car will look much sporty and better in the eyes of many car enthusiasts.

Reduce Car from Breaking In

Windows film company has further innovated the window film to solve customer problems. For instance, window security film is to protect the window from shattering into tiny pieces as well as taking many hits before the window breaks.

The reason why the film will break is just in case for the fireman to rescue the people inside the car. Moreover, many thieves will give up after a few tries from breaking the window.

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Window Tint for Homes

It is a good practice to apply window tinting at home windows because it gives privacy and protection. That is because of outsiders unable to see inside when window tints are applied.

Home tinting expert also said that with the tint it is able to protect the furniture of the house being damaged from the sun. Therefore, applying tinting on house glasses will save costs in the long run.

Top 4 Skills Required in Online Marketing Malaysia

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Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative industries in the current modern world. With the technology is continuously evolving, prompting marketers and daring entrepreneurs to dive into online marketing to increase their brand awareness, extend their target market and ultimately drive sales and profits.

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Unfortunately, there is a lot of business owners, and digital marketing agency does not possess the right skills to succeed in the craft. As a result, they tend to fail in offering the best content marketing and email marketing that personalise to their targeted market.

Nevertheless, you can earn online branding skills with hard work, patience and determination. You could train yourself to acquire the unique capabilities that needed to launch effective SEO services Malaysia for your brand and make yourself stand out among the competitors.

Here are the top 4 skills that you needed in becoming digital marketing Rockstar:

1. Content Writing Skills

When it comes to digital marketing, some even said that content is the king. Without having an appealing and shareable content, you would not have gotten far.

In fact, writing and editing are more than just producing articles for blog posts and landing pages. It is all about how you can connect effectively with your target audience using the relevant messages and convincing them to take your desired action.

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For sure, having well-written and relevant copy and content is a must for every digital marketer and web designer. The most important things are that you should incorporate SEO keywords into it.

Keyword Optimization will help to improve your SEO keywords ranking. So, that you will have better exposure and enable your audience or prospect to find it.

2. SEO & SEM Skills

By having only well-written blog post or newsletter is pointless if the right people don’t find it. Bear in mind, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the core strategies responsible for driving traffic to your website.

According to the SEO company in Malaysia, Google’s algorithm is continuously upgrading, and the importance of using relevant and specific keywords have reached a new high. Thus, you need to strategically consider those algorithms in your content creation and distribution strategies to attract more traffic.

3. Social Media Skills

Nowadays, the world of social media has become one big arena for public conversation. This is why many of the business corporate are fully make utilise social media platforms to reach out to their targeted customers.

As a digital marketer, you should use this advantage to connect and engage effectively with the people and your business. However, an effective digital marketer knows that there is more than social media than just posting regularly and consistently. 

Having proper Online Reputation Management also plays an essential part making a better impact on the digital world.

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4. Web Designing Skills

In the world of marketing, creativity is everything! That’s right; you also need a well-designed corporate site. This is no wonder that Web Design Kuala Lumpur has a high demand form the large corporations in helping them to engage with their customers effectively.

In addition, if your customer can’t’ easily access, navigate, and use your website, this definitely will affect your conversion rate as there will be a high bouncing rate from your website.

Therefore, you will need Web design developer Malaysia in helping you to create a seamless and effortless experience to your visitors. And with the growing expectation of the modern consumer, this skillset is far more crucial now that it’s ever been. Click here to get in touch with the professional today.

Be Your Own Boss: How to Be A Successful Freelancer in Malaysia

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If you are considering for freelancing career, congratulation! Indeed, it is quite a bold move as working for yourself can be highly rewarding and a great way to grow.

One of the greatest benefits that freelancing could give you is the opportunity to work from home full0time or to provide an additional source of income.

Doing freelance work is different from owning the business; because you are providing the services instead of products and do not hire other people to work for you.

Sometimes, the overhead of the freelancing could be much lower than the internship job Malaysia wages, but your initial start-up costs will be much lower depending on which field you are going into.

4 Tips on How to Star up Freelancing Career

1. Freelance in an Area of Expertise

If you are considering doing a freelance job, you should select the area that allows you to fully utilize your skillset.

For instance, if you are working in the Human Resources department for your business, you could become the HR consultant or Head-hunter for small companies that do not have the HR department.

If you are working in the marketing industry, you can freelance your marketing skills to guide the companies in developing strategies.

Obviously, there are a variety of opportunity and fields that you could do as a freelancer in Malaysia.

2. Advertise Your Freelance Work

Once you had begun to be freelancing, you will need to advertise to attract more prospects.

You could start with the word-of-mouth and apply for the freelance job at job portal Malaysia and other various online sites.

There is a high possibility that some industries will take an insider contact to begin working, and it takes time for you to build up to a good point.

A successful freelancer is the ones that are able to sell and market themselves. Well, it is also depending on your line of work.

You can set up an online portfolio at the job website to show your work and make connections online. This is how freelancer usually gets to know their clients.

3. Protect Your Freelance Work

Whether you are doing a freelance job or part-time job Malaysia, you need to consider any insurance or other things that you may need to protect yourself.

Some of the cities or states may require you to purchase a business license even if you are doing freelancing.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to check the local laws to ensure that you are well-covered. As a freelancer, it would be wise for you to take the time to take care of your long term needs too.

From the retirement plan, health insurance to tax implications, these are the things that you should bear in mind when doing full-time freelancing.

4. Planning for Slow Work Times

When you are freelancer, you need to have the capability to diversify your income.

You surely will not qualify for unemployment if a client suddenly shuts down or stops paying you.

Moreover, it is also vital to have multiple streams of income or clients that you are doing work for on a regular basis.

Sometimes, the work will eventually dry up in one area, and this will leave you no choice but to find a new job in a similar area.

Also, it is essential for you to not overexert yourself in working for too much in one niche that will make it difficult for you to branch out to a new area.

You need to be proactive enough and searching for clients constantly is part and parcel for successful long-term freelancer in Malaysia.