Why Being a Tour Guide is one of the Best Job

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We have been talking to Shamir Kumar Nandy, one of the experienced tour guide in Malaysia. This article will discuss his opinion of why being a tour guide is so fulfilling. Read on!

Doing daily routines and being stuck in the office for too long is very stressful. Many of the workers are always dreaming of being somewhere else travelling. Some are thinking of quitting their jobs to travel and explore the world. They are sitting at their desks dreaming of the lovely view and activities while travelling. But this is an image where everybody is wondering if they can afford it. Many are saying that it is possible to earn while travelling.

work life

Many travellers did not know that they could make a way to have an income but still make their dream to travel. According to Shamir Kumar Nandy, a tour guide in Malaysia, some of the ways they can do are; teaching English to some travellers that can’t speak and communicate English well; it is also possible to work remotely for the company and become a virtual assistant or do travel blogging. But the best thing to do to reach and to make dreams of travelling into reality is to become a tour guide. Learn about the country and its culture. Being a tour guide will give people the chance to share their love for travelling.

Shamir Kumar Nandy explains Reasons why being a tour guide is the best way to travel all over the world while still earning:

1. Travelling is able to give learning new skills which can be used for a future career.

There are some tour guides where they seem to be a professional tour guide and know everything about the place. Still, they are also a traveller turned into a tour guide, and they have a full-time job such as some of them are engineers, accountant, travel agent and many more. Most of the tour guides who make this love to travel and they take time to undergo some training to be a certified tour guide.

travel adventure

2. Being a tour guide by profession will give more opportunities to travel the world.

For those tour guides like Shamir Kumar Nandy, who are thoroughly trained and have many experiences, they are given a lot of chances to visit many countries, to learn and enhance their skills and to share more their experiences.

3. Being a tour guide can make dreams of travelling become reality.

Who among those who love to travel does not want to be paid and earn while traveling? Being a tour guide makes everyone dream to travel and earn.

4. Tour guides can be experts in history, art and architecture.

As an excellent tour guide, they study a lot about the history of the places they travel. They learn about the history and more things about the site to give detailed information to their visitors.

5. Being a tour guide will give a chance to meet friends who have the same passion and likes.

Working in the travel industry gives the chance to meet people who truly understand and will encourage the tour guide to do things they love.

6. A tour guide can save while travelling.

Having savings is one of the best things as a tour guide base on Shamir Kumar Nandy’s touring experience. All expenses as well as accommodation and some meals will be covered which they don’t need to spend their own money on and can save it. Who will not love to have savings still while exploring and enjoying the world?

Shamir Kumar Nandy's tour

Being a Tour Guide is Happiness

Yes! Happiness! Doing things that they love will give a sense of life satisfaction. Those people who are having a stable career and switch in being a tour guide say they never regret the decision they made. Some of them continue to do their profession and have this tour guide thing as their sideline. Earning while they are on vacation leave is the best part. Also, the thought of having friends all over the world adds color to their life, and they are more eager to do things with passion and continue what they most love traveling!


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Why Online Reputation Management is Required for Business Owners?

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This type of service may be relatively new to most people. People may be clueless about this solution. What this can do and can this help the business? So what is online reputation management (ORM)? Have you ever been curious and tried to google yourself or tried to check your business on Google? Are you shocked when you see some negative or bad reviews? Then this will be the best for you and your business to look for the best online reputation management consultant.

online reputation management

The Importance of Online Reputation Services

Let’s understand and know some points of what ORM is and why businesses need this. First is that the head of a company would always want their customers to be happy and try to serve them better. Business owners tirelessly do everything to please all their customers. Making everything possible just to meet their customer needs. But as they say, you cannot please everybody. Even if they have given their best shot to serve their client, negative or bad reviews were always present and the reputation of the business may take a hit now and then. What is sad and frustrating sometimes is they will post a bad review where the whole world can view. The worst part is this news will spread in a matter of seconds worldwide. So this where online reputation management agency is needed. Businesses need someone to actively oversee negative reviews and to prevent it from spreading. Relying on them to do the work can minimize negative image online and negative customer feedback. They will help business owners understand how important it is to manage personal reputation, as well as the business reputation.

Is there any Reputable Online Reputation Management Agency in Melbourne?

There are a lot of good ORM agencies in Melbourne that already assisted a lot of people, be it business owners, or individuals. They make sure their clients’ concerns are heard and implement the right strategy to approach their matter. In Australia, online reputation management is always required when there are negative or false comments that need to be addressed. They will be the ones to actively monitor all mentions about the brand on the website and social media.

online presence

Online reputation management company in Melbourne will actively help business owners to actively respond to customers. They mainly work out on this part. They respond to negative customer comments online. They also monitor those who are reacting to stories on social media. They will secure and maintain the brand name of the business and will always make sure that the business has good standing online. Overall this means building a digital public image. Any business that is present online would always want that their brand would be searched by people and they will find five stars and positive customer experience. This will give the company the best image online. 

Additional services of Online Reputation Management Agency

Maintaining a good image online will not be measured when the business has five stars and positive reviews. Some are having a major problem because there are a bunch of fake accounts and websites that are using their name for scam or sexual harassment. Some are seeking for an ORM agency to help them delete the image. Some people are using someone else’s identity just for their own good or to make that specific person look bad online. There are many reported cases that some photos are used for fake websites for them to gain. Photos are grabbed from their website and used by other people. This is very alarming for some business owners that is why ORM agencies are always there to give them a hand and guide them.

fake facebook accounts

Also, due to technology now, the elderly may not be educated to use their gadgets and social media correctly. That is why there are many victims of revenge porn. There are some people who have a relationship that turns out bad and the other person ended up posting the other person’s nude or pornographic photos. This also applies to some business owners who happen to have cases like this and want to protect their image. That is where they seek help from the ORM agency if it’s possible to delete porn photos or videos. Search and know the best ORM agency in town which can help your business and give a good brand image.

How To Choose An International School In Singapore

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Most every parent hope that give the best standard of education possible to their child. A basic question of how to educate a child and whether to choose a public or a private institution in Singapore. In Singapore, there are many public schools do an excellent job of educating students. 

 best private schools in singapore

However, students who attend the international school Singapore can be more academically challenged, exposed to affordable international education in Singapore and may feel safer than local public school options. Therefore, here are tips on how to choose an international school in Singapore.

1. Whether You Need An International School

You know that international school may give your child a well-rounded education. More thinking skills instead of memorising the content of class, more practical knowledge instead of keeping going to exams. 

However, you have to avoid the situation that you will be financially burdened on your children’s education. You have to consider affordability and household income before you make a choice.

2. Intake Period

You don’t want your child to join mid-way through the academic year. Therefore, you need to know the application deadlines of the international school that you are considering. Check the application checklist and make sure you didn’t miss their deadlines.

Be prepared because many international schools have waiting lists and may require new students to sit an entrance exam. Remember to do some research and contact the international school to have more details.

best international schools in singapore

3. Fees And Costs

Think about your financial status when considering international education as you need to be willing and able to take on a significant amount to pay your children education.

Plan earlier as possible, and don’t compromise with other budgets such as cutting down daily expenses and medical expenses to pay the school fees. And, a yearly fee does not reflect the full cost of sending your child to an international school. Many schools charge an extra enrolment fee for the first year, and the yearly fees regularly increase per school year.

You may compare the school fees between different international school to find your affordable international school for your child.

4. Community Service And Curriculum 

Different types of school will provide various curriculum activities. Do you feel like religion is a part of children’s lives? A private Christian school in Singapore often put a significant emphasis on personal values. When choosing an international school for your child, you have to find a school that develop many honour codes and stricter behavioural standards that help students grow as mature adults. 

Sharing core value, develop a personal faith and discover religious values in a Christian school, it helps your child to grow not only academically but spiritually.

private institutions in singapore

There are a lot of after-school activities in TLS private academy in Singapore to help your child to build interpersonal skills. What could be better if your child can speak different languages and increases the chance of them making friends from their ‘native’ home too?

5. Location 

There are many international school Singapore in a rural, suburban, or urban area. Therefore, you have to consider how far is the international school from where you would live. 

The location of the school plays an important role because you have to send your child every day. You will save more time if your school located nearby to your house. You have to consider the location of the school, transportation cost and difficulty of travelling to and from school.

Top Things to Recycle and the Benefits of Recycle Bin Supplier in Malaysia

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Currently, recycling is ingrained in modern society and Malaysia is not an exemption. No wonder the demand for recycling garbage bin is on the rise. Most people are thinking about how they can recycle their old magazines and aluminium cans. You can be sure that you will be a good friend to the tissue dispenser manufacturers in Malaysia if you choose this course.

recycle bin malaysia

Communities are adopting recycling regulations and programs to make sure that everyone is contributing to this effort. There are so many reasons for this and we continue to discover new benefits of recycling every day. However, recycling can go far beyond safety equipment suppliers who make good use of plastic and glass. 

Recycling is not only becoming a big issue but also an important one. Currently, almost anything in the market can be recycled. Recycling means reusing the existing materials meaning that you will not necessarily take it to the factory. With creativity, you can even assume the responsibility of a floor mat supplier and produce very beautiful items. 

Most states are now adopting electronic recycling laws for all good reasons. These materials can help in making stereos, computers, DVD players, and televisions. Some of these materials can release hazardous materials or corrode the environment. If you are not sure of where to take these items, any recycle bin supplier in Malaysia will help you out. 

However, there are so many electronic recycling centres that will help you handle some of these items in the best way possible. It is a good thing to know that the old microphones will not be cluttering your landfill. The same case applies to the other materials like the work that is done by a PVC coil mat supplier Malaysia. 

There is no need to stay with the dangers that some of these products course. You can use some of these materials to a rubber hump supplier for recycling. Such reactions will display you as a responsible citizen who takes part in environmental conservation. 

rubber hump

According to Akasia CP Malaysia, building products like reclaimed lumber are very popular in the construction industry. Wood, old windows and used bricks can mean a lot to another person even if you are done with them. Someone can use these items to generate income. For example, a bollard supplier Malaysia heavily relies on recycling. Even the mountains of VHS tapes in your closet is beneficial to another individual through recycling. Most people who recycle products in Malaysia also have a program for recycling batteries. Hand soap dispenser supplier Malaysia also uses recycled products to make new ones. 

bollard supplier malaysia

You can also recycle old carpets and ink cartridges painlessly. Besides, the art and craft practitioners turn almost anything into a recyclable item. An excellent example of this is the Q up stand supplier Malaysia. From shower curtains to jeans and flip flops, there are countless uses of almost anything. The beauty of recycling is that it increases the creativity of the things that you can create. A shipping company will be glad to collect the packing peanuts from consumers. Likewise, the air freshener dispenser supplier will not hesitate to collect anything from you that they can recycle. Therefore, don’t throw away anything from your home that you think can be reused or recycled. Remember someone is waiting to add a touch of creativity to that item.


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remove personal information

How to Remove Personal Information from the Internet: The Kind of Personal Information you should not share on the Internet

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personal information not to share

Social networking platforms get us connected regardless of the global boundaries. The social platforms we mostly use are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all of which have made the planet a more connected place. That is a positive thing in most situations; yet all those links often build unparalleled access to knowledge about individuals and companies so that when hackers or scammers get involved it can be a terrible thing.

online user

According to the statistics from Global Digital Report 2019, there were over 3.5 billion people actively using social media daily in the world, which is about 45% of the total population of the world. The report also provides that the most widely used social platform is Facebook; which is the market leader of the social media platforms, with about 2.5 billion active users.  

People tend to share their thoughts, opinions, experiences and stories to others through social media platforms. People can get informative resources through social media as well as news, blogs or some useful tips, all are available through the social platform. 

However, oversharing of personal info may threaten your social safety and it may provide chances for hackers to steal your information to be used for illegal or unethical activity. 

Why do you need to remove the personal information from the internet that you share?

remove personal information

Online reputation management (ORM) experts find that oversharing of personal details can be sharing your contact info, your live location and your bank or financial account information to the public. Especially bank account information, you may be required to provide your credit/debit card details whenever you register an online account to subscribe to the website. However, filling up such information to a third party company may pose a financial risk to you. 

There are also many social media fraud cases where someone steals personal information for illegal things. Phishing attacks and/or scams frequently happen through social media websites. Phishing scams use social media to trick people into sharing personal information such as banking details, passwords, or business data. Therefore, you might wonder how you can protect such personal information not to be shared through those social platforms. Here are some tips on how to remove personal data from the internet. 

Ways on How to Remove Personal Data from Websites

  1. Remove personal information from your social media account

How to remove personal information from the internet? If you have registered various social accounts online, you might delete all the personal data by editing your social account. You can log into your social account, and click on your profile, and go to the setting menu to choose edit profile, whereby you are able to edit your personal information and delete the personal information that you wish to archive from showing from others. 

2. Remove unnecessary apps 

To avoid those apps keeping your personal information, you are able to uninstall all the apps you no longer use. Those mobile apps keep all personal data of their user, and store online, where it is hazardous as this information may be stolen by the unauthorised person that may have hacked the apps developer company. By removing or uninstalling those apps that you are no longer using will be one of the ways of how you can remove your information from the internet. 

3. Unsubscribe cookies

There are many websites now that have a tracking software called ‘cookies’. It can record all the activities done by every unique website visitor, especially their browsing activities and other behavioural data. So, to prevent tracking by other parties, you are able to unsubscribe to the website cookies. You should also visit your web browser and clear any previous cookies and associated browsing history. Hence, unsubscribing from cookies is another way that you are able to prevent or remove personal information from the websites, which is able to ensure other parties are unable to track or use your data. 

4. Removed information from Google

If you are wondering how you are able to remove your personal information from Google, you may be able to seek for google support. So if you find that you have some information to be removed from Google search result, image or video that is related to your personal information, you may be able to seek the help of Google. If you are able to make a report to Google about what content or information you wish to remove from Google, there will be an option of “remove select financial, medical and national ID information from Google.”

Conclusion: Removing personal information is the best way of protecting yourself from cybercrime.

The rate of cybercrime cases is growing over time. How to protect yourself from being the next victims is the main concern of most people now. Not oversharing your information is the best way to avoid such criminal cases happening to you. Be alert of all unsecured websites or URLs, be aware whenever you register an online account, read thoroughly the terms and conditions, especially the data protection regulations to protect your information from being leaked to other parties without your consent. If the damage is done, then you should try the ways mentioned above or possibly approach an expert for Google content removal service.

The Development of Condominium Increase in Malaysia

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Most people who lived in the Kuala Lumpur region many may notice that the rises of condominium had increased rapidly especially in the Cheras area. For the past few years, the people of Cheras experience that many constructions were going on the area.

Now, Cheras is filled with new shopping malls, MRT station across the Cheras, office blocks and etc. Therefore, for any individual to enjoy the convenience living in Cheras hence many developers are building new condominium in kl.

sri petaling condominium

The reason there is much new property for sale in Kuala Lumpur especially condominium is that due to the economical demand and the lack of space in Kuala Lumpur. Due to the economic, the prices of the property had increased rapidly compared to a decade ago. Previously, many may find that purchasing a property at 25 was easier while for now, it had been much tougher.

However, for most people who wish to stay for short term or business trip purpose hence most people will choose new serviced condominium in KL. That is because the apartment is fully furnished hence there is no need to trouble to look for furniture as most Kuala Lumpur residence is working adults.

Moreover, the apartment is able to provide various amenities such as housekeeping, daily use services and etc. Therefore, is much convenient and time-saving when leaving in such an apartment.

Developers Are Building More Properties in Cheras

There is an increase in the demand for Cheras new property because many individuals are able to find the benefits of the ease and convenience living in Cheras area. That is because, more commercial area such as shopping malls, public transports are increasing. Furthermore, many are able to find nearby Hospitals, Bus terminals, multiple highways, restaurant, bar, café and many more. In addition, most people demand Cheras new condo near MRT as it easy and convenient to transport from one place to another. 

Resident in Kuala Lumpur City Centre

There are still many developments in Kuala Lumpur that are affordable. These places are slightly outskirts from the city centre which are affordable to buy and convenient at the same time as it is close to the city centre. Therefore, one of it is searching at Sentul property for sale as the surrounding area filled with restaurants, public transport and most importantly office building.

Living In Places less Hassle Areas in Malaysia

For some who prefers place that is less hassle compared to place such as Cheras, Ampang, and Sentul hence one may search for places such as Rawang new property for sale. In Rawang, one may experience a much quiet place to search and find some new property development area. When living in Rawang, an individual is able to travel less than a half-hour to Kepong, Sungai Buloh and etc.

kuala lumpur property for sale

Another place which has a more resident vibe rather than commercial feel is in Bangi. Bangi there are many fun activities to do over the weekend such as the theme park, golf club, Water Park, shopping malls and etc. That being said, there is Bangi new property for sale that is able to meet the needs for markets that prefer new property areas.

However, some markets who prefer high rise building which is much cosy, enjoy the facilities like the swimming pool or gym and enjoy a nice view of Bangi town. There is a Bangi new condo where one is able to enjoy brand new equipment like lift, cafeteria, parking lots and etc.

Properties Close To Commercial and Industrial Areas in Malaysia

For some individual careers that require a workplace such as a factory or storage for good hence, Selangor is the place to go. As Selangor have a mixture of a commercial, industrial and residential area in Selangor. Click here to check out the first house scheme for home buyers.

Moreover in Selangor, there are still many land areas compared to Kuala Lumpur hence able to find affordable properties. That being said, an individual is able to find a new house for sale in Selangor that is close by to workplaces like factories or Business Park.

iskandar malaysia property

For some initial starters of careers, small family or young adults are able to find many new houses for sale in Selangor as it is affordable compared to landed properties. That being said, some condos are near to public transport, highway, shopping malls which is very convenient. However, there is a new landed property in Selangor to cater to an individual who prefers to have own privacy.

Benefits of Using Thermal Roll for Retail Business

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You probably have a stack of receipt pilling up inside the drawer. Do you know? These receipt papers are mostly thermal paper manufacturers? This type of essay is also known and called as speciality paper. 

carbonless paper suppliers

The characteristic of the POS printing paper is that it can change colour when exposed to heat without the use of any traditional ink. This type of paper is required to use with thermal printers correctly. 

Many devices in retailing such as cash registers, credit card terminals and adding machines are equipped with the thermal printers to utilize the POS paper roll manufacturers.

Nonetheless, do you know what the difference between carbonless paper roll and regular paper is? Thermal paper rolls is different because it is coated with dye and chemicals within it. Which when the heat is applied above the melting point. The colour dye will have a reaction.

Besides that, NCR paper manufacturers have a slicker surface, and it is harder to write with a pen on the surface. An interesting fact would be: if you scratch the paper with a fingernail, it can produce a black mark on the surface of the article.

Avoid Using It with Normal Printer

As ultrasound paper manufacturers are not recommended to use it with thermal paper. For the reason that traditional printer works with ink whereas this works with heat. Thus, you need to use thermal printers to produce an ideal result.

ultrasound paper manufacturer

What Is the Benefit of Using Thermal Paper?

People often confuse between the choice of application between ECG paper and standard paper rolls. First and foremost, thermal paper can produce a more accurate result with good quality.

medical chart paper

Given that business is going to print out a hundred to thousands of paper receipts every day. The paper must be legible and readable. Band paper roll supplier forms high definition image compares to regular paper.

The disadvantage of standard paper rolls includes ink smudges which make the image and text difficult to read with cash register manufacturers. 

Speed – Faster

The conventional printer takes longer time to print a single piece of plotted paper manufacturers as it uses the ribbons to transfer the ink to the paper. 

Whereas thermal paper rolls produce the image at a faster rate, which is in milliseconds. Resulting in more rapid lines per second and the picture dry very quickly. 

The paper must be needed to be print faster. As the few second delays pilling up together will increase the waiting time. And the checkout time at various counter or point of sales.

Low Cost

Besides the advantage that is mention above, the thermal paper has the significant advantage of having less maintenance. Why? Because the end-user doesn’t have to learn to replace ink cartridges every time the colour wears out. 

Most importantly, thermal paper allows the printer head to be bright and clean by wiping regularly. The cost of using this paper continuously is lower as the repairs are not complicated. Hence the service is needed less frequently.

pos paper rolls wholesale

The fewer parts in the thermal paper printer allow the process to have less jam and breakdown easily compare to another type of printers. Which save massive cost in the end process.

Printing Cost Reduced

Another advantage of choosing thermal paper over another form of writing is for its affordability. When using regular paper, not only the paper cause more but also the ink. As refiling the ink requires more cost than the actual printer itself. Click here to visit Telepaper’s website today.

The Demand Of Creative Agency In Malaysia

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A copywriting agency needs to be creative and imaginative to stand out among all these advertisement clutter. Besides that, they have to understand their target audience and need to know the marketing writing skills of products and services. 

Do you think that excellent medical services from a professional doctor are enough to promote your health, medical and dental practice if you are in the medical industry? 

Therefore, you need a medical writing agency to expand your practice and create new patients.

creative agency malaysia

There is a need for words, and healthcare industry copywriters are required to convert the information and data into a more straightforward method for the public to understand. Why you need a perfect medical write in Kuala Lumpur? 

A medical creative agency is responsible for communicating the substance of scientific and medical claims. They have to be careful and ensure the clinical data is correct and are not misleading in any way. 

Is there a need for hiring a medical creative agency in Malaysia?

Customised For Medical Industry And Word As A Copywriting Agency

Unlike the usual copywriting agency, medical advertising is hard, and it requires relevant experiences. They will help you to deliver the medical information by using reasonably short sentences and easy to understand the phrase to your target audience.

They know the unique culture of healthcare marketing and can provide proper guidelines by keeping the words as simple as possible but remain the actual meaning for patients.  

medical writer

The medical creative agency uses customised and data-driven strategies to drive their marketing and advertising campaigns. They know which channels and platforms will deliver the best results for your speciality focus. 

Understand The Needs Of The Target Audience

Typically, a medical creative agency has the creative copywriting skill and professional medical knowledge together. Therefore, they can help you to sustain the interest of current and future customers by using the combination of all this information and data.

A useful medical write in Kuala Lumpur can create creative content and develop advertising campaigns. Because they have professional knowledge about the healthcare market trend now.

Therefore, a medical creative agency can keep existing patient loyalty and bring new value to potential patients. They know what kind of marketing strategies to promote medical services by using the copywriting service. 

Creative Medical Industry Insight

A medical creative agency will know how to communicate with potential customers and convert them from visitors to customers. Every medication from every patient is different. Therefore, they can use their medical expertise regarding what is the patient journey to turn out to be your customer. 

Due to professional knowledge of the current healthcare market from a medical writing agency, they can help you to implement your customised marketing strategies and turn it into words. Words hold a lot of power to catch the attention of your target patients because of they able to understand the competitive marketing needed for the medical industry. 

medical writer malaysia

Attract Target Audiences By Increasing Patient Engagement

A successful medical creative agency will generate content and build advertising campaigns by direct patient engagement. They can turn complicated scientific information into something engaging and concise. 

Therefore, copywriting services from this agency can build a broad audience, extend the brand of hospital or healthcare centre, and drive new patients into the practice.