Be Your Own Boss: How to Be A Successful Freelancer in Malaysia

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If you are considering for freelancing career, congratulation! Indeed, it is quite a bold move as working for yourself can be highly rewarding and a great way to grow.

One of the greatest benefits that freelancing could give you is the opportunity to work from home full0time or to provide an additional source of income.

Doing freelance work is different from owning the business; because you are providing the services instead of products and do not hire other people to work for you.

Sometimes, the overhead of the freelancing could be much lower than the internship job Malaysia wages, but your initial start-up costs will be much lower depending on which field you are going into.

4 Tips on How to Star up Freelancing Career

1. Freelance in an Area of Expertise

If you are considering doing a freelance job, you should select the area that allows you to fully utilize your skillset.

For instance, if you are working in the Human Resources department for your business, you could become the HR consultant or Head-hunter for small companies that do not have the HR department.

If you are working in the marketing industry, you can freelance your marketing skills to guide the companies in developing strategies.

Obviously, there are a variety of opportunity and fields that you could do as a freelancer in Malaysia.

2. Advertise Your Freelance Work

Once you had begun to be freelancing, you will need to advertise to attract more prospects.

You could start with the word-of-mouth and apply for the freelance job at job portal Malaysia and other various online sites.

There is a high possibility that some industries will take an insider contact to begin working, and it takes time for you to build up to a good point.

A successful freelancer is the ones that are able to sell and market themselves. Well, it is also depending on your line of work.

You can set up an online portfolio at the job website to show your work and make connections online. This is how freelancer usually gets to know their clients.

3. Protect Your Freelance Work

Whether you are doing a freelance job or part-time job Malaysia, you need to consider any insurance or other things that you may need to protect yourself.

Some of the cities or states may require you to purchase a business license even if you are doing freelancing.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to check the local laws to ensure that you are well-covered. As a freelancer, it would be wise for you to take the time to take care of your long term needs too.

From the retirement plan, health insurance to tax implications, these are the things that you should bear in mind when doing full-time freelancing.

4. Planning for Slow Work Times

When you are freelancer, you need to have the capability to diversify your income.

You surely will not qualify for unemployment if a client suddenly shuts down or stops paying you.

Moreover, it is also vital to have multiple streams of income or clients that you are doing work for on a regular basis.

Sometimes, the work will eventually dry up in one area, and this will leave you no choice but to find a new job in a similar area.

Also, it is essential for you to not overexert yourself in working for too much in one niche that will make it difficult for you to branch out to a new area.

You need to be proactive enough and searching for clients constantly is part and parcel for successful long-term freelancer in Malaysia.