The Demand For Shared Office Space in Malaysia

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The co-working space industry is expected to grow exponentially as Malaysians have become more flexible in working areas. The globalization process and the growth of the digital era have a strong influence on the demand for a more flexible working culture for Malaysians.

This has seen a drastic increase in shared office space in KL Sentral while the traditional office is slowly being minimized. Many global businesses are also undergoing constant changes and revisions to adapt to the changing need of the working world.

office space in kuala lumpur

Fully Serviced Office For Workers

Co-working space or shared office space offers a fully serviced office that is mostly located in prime locations. These prime locations are usually locations that are near public transportation systems such as the LRT or MRT in Malaysia. Co-working emphasizes convenience and a very flexible working culture.

KL Sentral is one of the examples of a prime location in Kuala Lumpur. There are many co-working spaces, virtual offices and even serviced office KL Sentral available for rent. This is because KL Sentral houses the main railway station of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, where there are plenty of job opportunities available.

This is also because KL Sentral is supported by the availability of amenities and offers good connectivity and accessibility across the city. The idea of the reserved desk for rent Kuala Lumpur also encourages independent and mobile professionals to work alongside one another. Still, each individual will be working on their projects, respectively.

office space in kuala lumpur

This tends to promote social interactions in a community-based place. The idea of a flexible workplace is also run by the needs of workplaces that are not far away from home for working peoples. Innovation and collaboration have led to a significant increase in office space for rent KL.

These flexible working spaces are not only provided by co-working operators but also offered by landlords and developers. They are grasping the opportunity to move into the co-working space market.

Virtual Office Malaysia On the Rise

Virtual office Malaysia has also become a trend with businesses all over Malaysia. The recent shift to home working to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many offices to stop operations physically.

Many people are loving the idea of having to work from home as it provides convenience to working people. Working from home eliminates the need for people to take long hours to travel to work no matter if they are driving or taking public transportations.

The demand for virtual office Kuala Lumpur is spiking with many business owners reassessing the way they carry out day-to-day operations. Many of them have realized the massive opportunity that virtual solutions provide.

office space in kl sentral

Firms would rent a “virtual office address” in a prime location that is not located physically but has a physical mailing address. The address allows businesses to use the address for mail forwarding and meeting space if required.

This would enable business owners to access the same service as a traditional office space but via the internet. There are plenty of this serviced office in KL that offers these virtual office address services.

These services are usually appealing to start-ups or companies that are looking to reduce maintenance and upkeep costs that come with running traditional office spaces. Currently, co-working and serviced operators occupy about 1.1 million square feet of commercial space across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Nowadays, the younger generations are being more demanding and tend to look for added-values in working spaces. Co-working space operators need to jump on the bandwagon to introduce areas that would attract all these young talents.