All you need to know about laboratory equipment like chemical cabinet

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Laboratories are familiar to all of us at some point as there is the basic workspace when it comes to anything science. In schools, chemistry and biology labs equipment would be common where students get to practice their skills in conducting experiments and others. As much as people know what a lab is, knowing what each cabinet and equipment is might be harder. In the chemistry lab, there are many types of cabinets available to store all the chemicals and tools to ensure that safety is taken into consideration. 

 ductless fume hood

Chemical cabinet 

The chemical cabinet or storage is typically used to keep a small number of chemical substances safely within a laboratory or a workplace. What differs these cabinets from the usual ones is that the cabinets are typically made from materials that are resistant to the chemicals stored inside. This is important as some chemicals can emit really toxic gases that can be flammable or cause normal wood to spoil or decay.

Thus, using a chemical cabinet from Method Malaysia can prevent such faults from happening and ensures that everyone in the lab is safe. Also, chemicals stored are occasionally put in a bunded tray to avoid any spillage or leakage that can cause further danger. 

flammable cabinet malaysia

Flammable cabinet 

Flammable liquids are found in almost every home or workplace and people are exposed to it in their daily lives. Similar to the concept of chemicals, when handling these flammable liquids, it is important to store them safely in a flammable cabinet because of its different functions. 

Flammable liquids will emit flammable vapours when temperatures go below 60 degree Celsius. This means that the room temperature that you are comfortable with every day can actually cause flammable vapours to be emitted. Thus, when the liquids are placed in flammable cabinets and in the case of fire, the cabinet would allow you to have at least 10 minutes for escape and to use fire extinguishers to put it out. It delays the fire from spreading. 

Emergency shower and eyewash

An emergency shower or known as safety shower can be found in every laboratory. The same goes to the emergency eyewash. Both of these showers serve similar purposes. As the name suggests, the showers allow someone to be able to wash off any chemicals as quickly as possible when it comes in contact with someone. It serves the purpose of reducing injury during work and keeping workers away from life danger or critical life conditions.

When chemicals come in contact with the body and eye, it can cause a lot of damage if not treated immediately.  The safety shower is mainly designed to wash the head and body with large volumes of water. Because the pressure of water is too high from this shower, it is not suitable to wash the eyes. That is when the emergency eyewash station is needed. A splash to an individual’s eyes can help reduce irritation. 

safety shower

Fume hood

A fume hood, also known as fume cupboard from Method Malaysia is a type of ventilation system that is designed just to reduce human exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes. 

Spill pallet 

Like a containment container, a spill pallet holds any spills from chemicals to avoid any further damage.

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