November 20, 2020

Why Being a Tour Guide is one of the Best Job

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We have been talking to Shamir Kumar Nandy, one of the experienced tour guide in Malaysia. This article will discuss his opinion of why being a tour guide is so fulfilling. Read on!

Doing daily routines and being stuck in the office for too long is very stressful. Many of the workers are always dreaming of being somewhere else travelling. Some are thinking of quitting their jobs to travel and explore the world. They are sitting at their desks dreaming of the lovely view and activities while travelling. But this is an image where everybody is wondering if they can afford it. Many are saying that it is possible to earn while travelling.

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Many travellers did not know that they could make a way to have an income but still make their dream to travel. According to Shamir Kumar Nandy, a tour guide in Malaysia, some of the ways they can do are; teaching English to some travellers that can’t speak and communicate English well; it is also possible to work remotely for the company and become a virtual assistant or do travel blogging. But the best thing to do to reach and to make dreams of travelling into reality is to become a tour guide. Learn about the country and its culture. Being a tour guide will give people the chance to share their love for travelling.

Shamir Kumar Nandy explains Reasons why being a tour guide is the best way to travel all over the world while still earning:

1. Travelling is able to give learning new skills which can be used for a future career.

There are some tour guides where they seem to be a professional tour guide and know everything about the place. Still, they are also a traveller turned into a tour guide, and they have a full-time job such as some of them are engineers, accountant, travel agent and many more. Most of the tour guides who make this love to travel and they take time to undergo some training to be a certified tour guide.

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2. Being a tour guide by profession will give more opportunities to travel the world.

For those tour guides like Shamir Kumar Nandy, who are thoroughly trained and have many experiences, they are given a lot of chances to visit many countries, to learn and enhance their skills and to share more their experiences.

3. Being a tour guide can make dreams of travelling become reality.

Who among those who love to travel does not want to be paid and earn while traveling? Being a tour guide makes everyone dream to travel and earn.

4. Tour guides can be experts in history, art and architecture.

As an excellent tour guide, they study a lot about the history of the places they travel. They learn about the history and more things about the site to give detailed information to their visitors.

5. Being a tour guide will give a chance to meet friends who have the same passion and likes.

Working in the travel industry gives the chance to meet people who truly understand and will encourage the tour guide to do things they love.

6. A tour guide can save while travelling.

Having savings is one of the best things as a tour guide base on Shamir Kumar Nandy’s touring experience. All expenses as well as accommodation and some meals will be covered which they don’t need to spend their own money on and can save it. Who will not love to have savings still while exploring and enjoying the world?

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Being a Tour Guide is Happiness

Yes! Happiness! Doing things that they love will give a sense of life satisfaction. Those people who are having a stable career and switch in being a tour guide say they never regret the decision they made. Some of them continue to do their profession and have this tour guide thing as their sideline. Earning while they are on vacation leave is the best part. Also, the thought of having friends all over the world adds color to their life, and they are more eager to do things with passion and continue what they most love traveling!