Tips to Find the Perfect Event Venue

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Finding the right event venue in Kuala Lumpur can be challenging, even for the most well-seasoned event organisers. According to the recent report on the event planning industry, surveying nearly 500 professional event organisers, the majority of the event planner spend most of their budget on the event venue. Check out The Venue Malaysia to find out more.

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As the event venues are often come with a hefty price and its ability to dramatically impact the overall attendee experience, many organisers should brush up on a few basics to finding the right event space for rent in KL.

1. Understand Your Goals

Whether you are planning a tradeshow, a meetup or a conference, it is essential to begin a goal mind. Is this event is held to educate the attendees, provide them with fantastic networking experiences, introduces attendees to new service providers or activate the product? 

Thinking about the reason for your event will help you to choose the right function hall for rent that aligns with your overarching event goals. Make sure to always negotiate on the hall rental fees to save up some cost for your decorations.

The event itself should support the result that you want to achieve. If one of your goals is to increase the exposure for your sponsor, then choosing an event site in Kuala Lumpur that features a welcome area that could accommodate the sponsor booth would be a brilliant idea. The event space chosen should provide adequate visibility for your sponsors.

2. Review Existing Data

If you have used event planning software to organise other events, you should have an ample of data to help you in better understanding of what was successful and what was not. 

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For instance, you know that your attendees had a great networking experience, then the venue you had chosen previously might be good enough to use again. But, if the data shows that attendees were disengaged with each other, you should consider selecting a different teambuilding room for rent in KL. 

3. Create an Interior Design Plan

Steve Jobs once said that innovation and progress are sparked by the spaces that inspire and encourage collaboration. If the key to success for the event is audience participation, event organisers should be inspired in finding and creating spaces that spark creativity and interaction between attendees.


Lighting is one of the fundamental elements in interior design can make or break the mood of the event. Lighting can be deployed to help drive event networking or to focus attendees on a particular part of your event. Lighting can help highlight the critical elements of your event while supporting the theme and ambience.


When placing furniture, you need to consider how you want your guest to interact. For instance, if you are organising the private function venue in an outdoor space, the bar tables and chairs can encourage mingling. At the same time, small seating areas can stimulate more intimate conversations.

4. Accessibility

This may seem obvious, but the accessibility of the training room for rent in KL is the key to providing attendees with positive event experience. Your event attendees should focus on the content of the event, rather than having concern about getting to the destination. 

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Fortunately, there are several ways of how organisers could help the attendees access the event more easily. Once the attendees arrived, it is an excellent idea to ensure they can easily find their way around the venue. 

Thus, organisers should be more attentive in placing the signs to direct the attendees as they walk around the venue. Monitors are preferable to printed signs as they can easily be updated as the day’s agenda progresses. 

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